New Lenox Drivers: Get Your Oil Changed at Terry’s Ford of Peotone

Drivers in the New Lenox area can count on Terry’s Ford of Peotone for quality new and used vehicles as well as any vehicle routine maintenance. Bring your vehicle in for its regularly scheduled oil change and help contribute to the overall health of your vehicle in more ways than you might think. Located in Peotone, our service department is only about a 30-minute drive from New Lenox. Here’s how to find us:

  • Take S Cedar Rd
  • Turn left onto US-52 E
  • Continue straight onto W Joliet Rd
  • Continue onto W North Peotone Rd
  • Turn right onto IL-50 S
  • You’ll see us on the left-hand side at 363 Harlem Ave

The Importance of Oil

Getting your oil changed regularly at the scheduled time is vital to your vehicle’s health and longevity. This simple and relatively low cost operation can save your vehicle from countless other problems that could be exacerbated if neglected. Plus, it saves you money down the road.

Three Important Functions

In modern engines, oil performs three main roles. First, it keeps engine components working smoothly and in tandem together. It also draws heat away from the combustion chamber, where thousands of controlled explosions are erupting every minute. The oil helps prevent this area from overheating. Thirdly, oil stops carbon and varnishes from building up in the engine, which can cause sludge and carbon deposits to come out and require an expensive engine cleaning.

How Often?

Don’t skip or delay pre-scheduled oil changes. Most often, it is recommended to have your oil changed every 3,000 miles or every 3 months. If you reach 3,000 miles sooner, then track using the odometer rather than the date. The more often you drive, the more stress is put on your vehicle, and, therefore, all the more important to have your oil fresh to help the engine run smoothly and at it’s most efficient.

Schedule Service Today

Schedule your next oil change with us at Terry’s Ford of Peotone. When you take the utmost care of your vehicle and keep up to date with scheduled maintenance, you can rest easy that your car will take you wherever you need to go and is safe and reliable on the road. We hope to see our New Lenox customers soon!