Wilmington Residents Can Get Their Oil Changed at Terry’s Ford of Peotone

Wilmington drivers should never neglect their vehicle’s oil change requirements. This could lead to damage, and it’s a task which is quick and easy when you come to the service department at Terry’s Ford of Peotone.

To reach us, just follow these simple directions:

  • Head east on IL-53 N/E Baltimore St toward S Main St, continuing to follow the IL-53 N.
  • Turn right onto W Peotone Rd, and continue for just over 17 miles
  • Continue onto Harlem Ave, then turn right onto Peotone Beecher Rd and find us on your right at 363 N Harlem Avenue.

Oil Changes are Required Regardless of Miles

Too many Wilmington drivers make the mistake of thinking that a vehicle which is seldom driven very far doesn’t necessarily need to have a regular oil change. After all, that oil simply isn’t being used as much as it would be if you were making frequent long distance journeys.

However, during short tips your engine spends more time heating up and cooling down. This creates a greater level of condensation, something which often causes gray, oily moisture to form on the oil fill cap. This is often diagnosed as a symptom on internal engine trouble, but it can be prevented by regular oil changes.

Oil Changes Should Be Conducted by a Professional

You can almost certainly change your own oil, but it’s better to think of a scheduled oil change as a chance to have a trained individual look under the hood. The factory-trained technicians at Terry’s Ford of Peotone boast an unparalleled familiarity with automobiles, so they’ll be able to diagnose small issues before they can turn into larger problems.

Slipping underneath the vehicle allows technicians to check for broken or worn parts, transmission problems, or difficulties with the differential.

Oil Changes Serve as a Maintenance Benchmark

Many Willington drivers use their oil changes to schedule other necessary maintenance work. For example, you might remember to get your tires rotated by having it done every third oil change. Adopting such a practice means that you won’t be as liable to mismanage your vehicle’s serving requirements.

Head to Terry’s Ford of Peotone for Your Scheduled Oil Change

The service center at Terry’s Ford of Peotone is ready and waiting to provide assistance for Wilmington drivers, so come down today for your scheduled oil change. We aim to be the top Ford dealer in the area, so we hope you make us your first choice everytime!