Get an Oil Change Near Gary, IN at Terry’s Ford of Peotone

Looking for an oil change near Gary, IN? If so, you’ve found a Gary-area Ford dealership that can help. If you haven’t gotten into the habit of having your oil changed regularly, it’s time to start. This is just one of the services we offer at Terry’s Ford of Peotone, and it’s simultaneously one of the easiest and more important things to do for your car.

If you’re in Gary, IN simply follow these instructions from the center of town to get your oil changed today:

  • Follow Route 80 going west.
  • Take the turn-off onto Route 394, head south.
  • Turn right onto W. Goodenow Road, then left onto Governors Highway.
  • Find us at 363 N. Harlem Ave. in Peotone, IL.

Cleaner Burning

Your car’s engine is a high-pressure environment that causes microscopic debris to come loose from internal parts. These small contaminants will eventually begin to cause damage to the engine, but you can easily flush them out by refilling the vehicle’s oil with a clean, fresh replacement.

This means that your car will produce lower emissions as you drive. Oil is primarily used to lubricate the engine, but it also absorbs harmful particles that would otherwise be pumped out of your exhaust. Getting an oil change at our dealership near Gary, IN is great for your drive, great for the environment.

Longer Serving

Of course, if you rid your engine of contaminants, it’s also going to work much better, and much longer, too.

Older oil will create unnecessary damage to the inside of the engine, which means it’ll wear out sooner and won’t produce nearly the same level of performance as a well-maintained engine. Keeping fresh engine oil in the system, however, reduces friction and enhances lubrication, so you’ll be riding smoothly for years to come.

Quick and Easy at Terry’s Ford

At Terry’s Ford of Peotone, our expert service team has completed a tremendous number of oil changes. We’ll get the job done in no time flat — and you can even schedule service online!

Just consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual for an estimate on how often to come in, or contact us today if you’re unsure. Our service department is open Monday through Saturday. Let us take care of your vehicle.

An oil change protects your car from damage, improves performance, and lowers emissions, all for an affordable price. To get a quick and easy oil change near Gary, IN, visit Terry’s Ford of Peotone.