The History of the Ford Fiesta Subcompact

2013 Ford Fiesta

Peotone-area drivers know all about the Ford Fiesta: this intriguing car has long been one of the most appealing subcompacts on the market. It has been built up as one of the most reliable and innovative sub-compacts and has sold over 12 million units around the world since its debut in 1976. What makes the Ford Fiesta a leading car in its segment? Let’s take a closer look at the Fiesta’s history.

Debut and First Generation

The Ford Fiesta debuted in 1976 and lasted until 1983. It was built with a four-speed manual transmission based on the Ford BC-Series mounted to a Ford Kent OHV engine with some slight modifications. These engines were similar to the Fiat 127 engines, at the time considered the best sub-compact engine on the market. The Fiesta was an immediate success, being Ford's first globally successful FWD vehicle. Besides being a hit in the United States, it was especially popular in England and the rest of Europe.

Current Generation

The Fiesta has seen some major changes throughout the years, including updated engines, tweaks to the body design, and other updates. By the time the sixth generation rolled around in 2008, it could almost be said to be a completely new car. The new Fiesta debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2007. It was based on an updated B-car platform. The sixth generation featured face lifts such as updated front grilles, back exterior design, and interior options. For the sixth generation, the 2013 Ford Fiesta is the most current model.

Reception Around the World

The Ford Fiesta has always been a highly acclaimed model. Early drivers praised its fuel efficiency while also enjoying its easy controls and compact size. The Fiesta’s subcompact size was especially praised in Europe which heavily favors smaller cars due to heavy population density and tighter roadways. Motor Trend called the most recent generation of the Fiesta “a superb little car,” while Auto Express, an England based magazine, called it a “new class leader.” Britain has been especially enamored with the Fiesta ever since its debut and the car has long been one of the top selling vehicles in the country.

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