2017 Ford Mustang

2017 Ford Mustang

2017 Toyota 86

2017 Toyota 86

Experience the Adventure: 2017 Ford Mustang vs. 2017 Toyota 86

There’s never been a better time to acquire the sports car that you’ve always wanted to own! Drivers in and around Bradley and Peotone have doubtlessly heard many good things about the 2017 Toyota 86, but in actuality, the 86 lacks many of the features and capabilities that adventurous drivers most desire. When pitted against a perennial favorite like the 2017 Ford Mustang, it’s easy to see where the 86 tends to fall short of expectations. The Toyota 86 is priced at $27,140 MSRP, while the Ford Mustang’s baseline trim begins at $24,915 MSRP. This accessible Mustang build already outperforms its challenger, but drivers who want to be fully satisfied with their next car will want to explore this Ford’s numerous engine options and trim levels. Unlike the 86, which is available in only one trim, this year’s Ford Mustang can be tailored precisely to your needs.

Choose a Sports Car that Excites You: Power and Performance Across the Mustang’s Trims

Your initial inspection of the 2017 Toyota 86 and the 2017 Ford Mustang will almost certainly reveal some similarities. Both sports cars come standard with a manual, 6-speed transmission, independent front and rear suspension, and rear wheel drive. However, such similarities only obscure the vast differentials in horsepower and torque that separate these two vehicles. The 86 comes standard with a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine that utilizes DOHC 16-Valve cylinder heads. Even if you decide to upgrade the 86 with an automatic transmission, it only manages to produce 205 hp @ 7000 rpm. Its torque, which tops out at 158 lb.-ft. between 6400 and 6600 rpm, also falls short of the competition. If you desire a sports car that will make you feel alive, any of the Ford Mustang builds are better options for you.

In its baseline Fastback trim, the 2017 Ford Mustang runs on a 3.7-Liter V6 engine that connects to a 24-Valve valve train. Here, the Mustang already gets 300 hp @ 6500 rpm, and 280 lb.-ft. of torque at just 4000 rpm! As we’ve already alluded to, this year’s Mustang can be equipped with any one of four different engine blocks, and each option offers even more power than the last. The next step up is the Ecoboost Fastback trim, which offers a turbocharged 2.3L I4 engine. This option increases your horsepower to 310 @ 5500 rpm, and boosts your torque all the way to 320 lb.-ft. @ 2500 rpm. We should also note that the Ecoboost engine is an excellent option for drivers who want to maximize their gas mileage. The 86 offers 21 mpg/city and 28 mpg/highway fuel efficiency. Although the baseline Fastback already matches the 86’s highway fuel economy, it falls short of the latter’s mark inside the city. The Ecoboost Fastback’s 22 mpg/city and 31 mpg/highway give it a distinct advantage over the Toyota.

Even more power is available to drivers who upgrade with the GT Fastback trim. With this build, drivers will receive an incredible 5.0L V8 engine and a massive 32-Valve valvetrain. Buyers who end up going this route will enjoy no less than 435 hp @ 6500 rpm and 400 lb.-ft. of torque @ 4250 rpm. At the very top of the Mustang line we find the Shelby GT350 trim level, which comes with a 5.2-Liter V8 engine, standard. In the GT350, your available horsepower jumps to 435, and your torque reaches all the way to 429 lb.-ft. When we consider that the Toyota 86 offers less than half of the hp and torque of the top two Mustang trims, it’s no wonder that drivers all across Illinois are singing the praises of this classic Ford sports car.

Comfort, Safety, and Control: Additional Mustang Advantages

When compared to the 2017 Toyota 86, the 2017 Ford Mustang’s superiority is most evident in the realm of drivetrain performance. However, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the other reasons why this Ford is winning the hearts of drivers near Bradley and Peotone! For starters, the Mustang makes it easier to spread out and relax when you’re cruising down the road. It offers 84.6 cu ft. of interior volume, while the 86 only offers 76.5 cu ft. of the same. Indeed, the Ford offers a greater amount of space in every conceivable dimension except for rear headroom, where it only loses out by .2 inches.

Although these two sports cars share many of their security features, the 86 fails to live up to the safety standard set by the Mustang, which earned 5-Star NHTSA Crash test ratings in both Front Driver and Front Passenger collisions. Although the 86 earned respectable 4-star ratings in each of these categories, you’ll be able to drive more confidently in the top-rated Mustang. Part of the Mustang’s superiority in this regard is its Selectable Drive Modes, which allow you to choose between Normal, Snow/Wet, Sport, and Track functioning simply by flipping a switch. In addition to providing more safety in difficult conditions, these functions enhance driver control, and help to foster a stronger link between the Mustang and its driver!

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