2017 Ford Mustang Performance

The 2017 Ford Mustang Performance

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The 2017 Ford Mustang performance features deliver the responsive power Bradley and Peotone drivers expect from a classic piece of American Muscle – and so much more. Explore how these four engines and a host of additional features come together to make this Mustang one of the best the manufacturer has ever made, then stop by Terry’s Ford in Peotone to get behind the wheel today.

Engine Specs

Drivers have four engine options to choose from when building the 2017 Ford Mustang of their dreams:

  • Six Cylinder: The 3.7L V6 base engine delivers 300 hp and 380 lb.-ft. of peak torque, ideal for those who crave muscle car power that can be driven daily.
  • EcoBoost: A gas-sipping 2.3L 4-cylinder EcoBoost engine offers the perfect balance of performance and efficiency, providing drivers with access to 310 hp and 320 lb.-ft. of peak torque as much as 30 mpg/highway fuel economy.
  • Eight Cylinder: The 5.0L GT V8 engine delivers the heart-stopping performance the Mustang is so well-known for, generating 435 hp and 400 lb.-ft. of torque.
  • GT350: The high-performance Shelby GT350 offers up mind-blowing power with a 5.2L V8 powerplant that makes track-worthy 526 hp and 429 lb.-ft. of torque – making it a true supercar no matter how you look at it.

Other Performance Features

The Mustang’s impressive performance systems aren’t restricted to the engine compartment; this piece of American muscle offers drivers innovative upgrades to help it perform as well on the road as its professional counterparts do on the track:

  • Brembo Braking: The available Brembo braking system with six-piston calipers provides the power drivers need to bring this beast under control no matter what the road conditions.
  • Torsen Differential: Available on the Mustang GT, the Torsen limited-slip differential with 3.73 axle ratio helps to reduce the loss of power that can come from loss of traction, such as when cornering at high speeds or performing emergency maneuvers.
  • Launch Control: An innovative system that incorporates the brakes, powertrain control, and traction control to provide a consistent start in all driving conditions.
  • Track Apps: Drivers can monitor the Mustang’s performance through a unique series of apps displayed on the in-dash screen, providing information about torque, balance, power, efficiency, and more.
  • Selectable Drive Modes: Drivers can choose between Normal, Wet/Snow, Sport, or Track modes to adjust vehicle characteristics for optimal control and performance on any surface.
  • Electronic Line Lock: Exclusive to the Mustang GT, Racers can lock the front brakes while spinning the rear tires to improve grip, enhance performance, or just show off a little.
  • Selectable Power-Assisted Steering: Choose Normal, Sport, or Comfort settings to get more, or less assistance from the electronic system and feel more connected to the road.

The 2017 Ford Mustang Performance Features Leave Bradley and Peotone Drivers Reeling – See Why at Terry’s Ford of Peotone

Explore the legendary 2017 Ford Mustang performance features on a Bradley and Peotone test-drive. Contact Terry’s Ford at (888) 832-3250 or stop by our showroom at 363 N Harlem Ave in Peotone, IL to schedule yours.