Expected Changes for the 2014 Ford Focus Electric

Ford Focus ElectricThe 2014 Ford Focus Electric should offer a few changes this year. The all-electric version of the popular Focus has been out for a couple years, which means it will probably see a few mid-cycle changes like refreshed exterior and interior design, and perhaps even an improved powertrain. We haven’t heard too much about what the new Focus will offer, so consider this information strictly speculative.

Electric Powertrain and Fuel Economy

Similar to the Nissan Leaf, the 2013 Ford Focus Electric featured an all-electric powertrain, though the Focus offered more power that took half as long to charge. Last year’s model had a 107-killowatt electric motor (about the equivalent of 143 hp) capable of producing the energy equivalent of 110 mpg city and 99 mpg highway. It only takes about four hours to charge, which can be done at home and monitored via cellphone.


For the 2014 model, we expect the engine will get a little more powerful. Fuel economy is already exceptional, so we expect Ford to increase battery life. Previous models could get around a 76 mile range. Let’s hope we get closer to 100 this year!

Vehicle Features

The Ford Focus Electric takes many of its features from the Titanium trim for the standard Focus along with a few extras like xenon headlamps and LED lights for the back. There are a couple of things missing from the titanium package like a power-driver seat and leather upholstery. The power-driver seat will most likely get added while leather seats are murky territory for an electric car; instead, the vehicle could see a leather-like material made from plants and recycled products.

Learn More About the Upcoming Ford Focus Electric

We estimate the Ford Focus Electric will be out sometime fall of 2013 with a starting MSRP just under $40,000. Come to Terry’s Ford in Peotone, Illinois to learn more about the upcoming model. We’re located about 25 minutes north of Bradley, Illinois by taking IL-50 North. You will find Terry’s Ford at 363 South Harlem Avenue across from the Dollar General. Please let us know if you have questions about any of our fuel-efficient models.