A 2014 Ford F-150 Hybrid May Revolutionize the Pickup Truck

2013 Ford F-150

There likely won’t be a 2014 Ford F-150 Hybrid, but it looks like the next generation of the iconic Ford pickup is leaning that way. At the 2013 Detroit Auto Show, Ford unveiled their Atlas Concept truck, which offers many new technologies to help improve truck efficiency. It very much looks like this is the direction Ford is heading in for the next generation.


Adjustable Aerodynamics

One of the things helping to improve fuel efficiency is aerodynamics. A car with lots of edges is going to encounter more wind resistance than one designed to let air flow over it. So, what if you could change how aerodynamic the car was for different conditions? The Atlas Concept featured active-wheel shutters and an intelligent chin spoiler that will do just that. According to Ford, these technologies will help the vehicle get better fuel economy than the current 2013 Ford F-150.


Hybrid Powertrain?

For the Atlas Concept, Ford wouldn’t give any specifics about what kind of powertrain it had other than it was a new EcoBoost powertrain. They did say it would be equipped with automatic start-stop, which allows the car to shut down to prevent wasting gas while idling. This helps more with the hybrid theory as the vehicle would likely require some form of electric motor to help power this system.


Vehicle Features

Besides new gas-saving technologies, the Atlas Concept also displayed a few other cool features. One was a multi-function tailgate step that could also be used for cradling cargo and allows drivers to strap down longer materials to the roof. Dynamic Hitch Assist was added to the vehicle, which will automatically line up the tow hitch to the trailer and make everyone’s life easier.  Another nifty feature was a 360-degree camera that can be used to make lane changes, reverse safely, and make parking a breeze.

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