The 2013 Ford Focus Electric Now Available at Terry’s Ford Helps Drivers


2013 Ford Focus ElectricFor those of you unsure of what latest vehicle to purchase, Terry’s Ford can help Bradley-area motorists find the hottest new cars like the 2013 Ford Focus Electric. For whatever you're looking for, we are certain to have the perfect vehicle for you. Concerned about helping the environment? So are we, which is why we also have many "green" vehicles to choose from. This brings us to our most exciting model now available at Terry’s Ford: the Electric Focus. Unlike our Ford hybrids, this is an all-electric hatchback, which means you will never have to be a slave to the gas pump again.


All-Electric Ford Power


The 2013 Ford Focus Electric is powered by an advanced 23kWh liquid-cooled, high-voltage exclusive lithium-ion battery system. The motor is one hundred percent electric, which means you get to reduce your carbon footprint while driving a car that is quite fuel efficient.  

Fully charged the Focus gets an EPA-estimated 76 miles on one charge. Perfect for city drivers or drivers who run to-and-from short distances. The Focus Electric has a city fuel efficiency of 110 city and 99 hwy MPGe. For those of you new to electric vehicle terms, MPGe stands for miles per gallon equivalent, which gives you an easy way to compare it to other vehicles even though the car doesn’t hold gallons of anything.


Premium Features


There is only one trim option available for the Electric Focus, but it’s comprised of mostly the same features as the highest regular Focus trim level like a automated parallel-parking system which is incredibly handy. The electric comes with xenon headlights and LED taillights, which sets it apart from other Focus models. Leather seats, sunroof, and a navigation system are optional.

Purchase Your Next Vehicle at Terry's Ford


If you're interested in knowing more about the 2013 Focus, head on over to Terry’s Ford and see for yourself why this is one of 2013's hottest vehicles! Take a test drive to discover the advantages of driving an electric vehicle! Please let us know if you have any questions about this or any of our other models.